About The Practice


Dr Salotto outdoors


Holistic Healing Naturopathic is built to improve your health beyond expectations! If your energy levels aren’t a 9 out of 10, or your happiness with your health is not a 10 out of 10, Holistic Healing Naturopathic can do great things for you. Getting you to look and feel your best is the specialty of Holistic Healing Naturopathic!

The goal of Holistic Healing Naturopathic is to be the springboard for naturopathic medicine in the DMV area. A future naturopathic medical school as well as the world’s first hospital that safely and effectively combines natural medicine and traditional medicine is the ultimate goal for Dr. Salotto and Holistic Healing Naturopathic. When you support Holistic Healing Naturopathic, you support the growth of naturopathic medicine in the DMV!