Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that uses natural methods to help treat the true underlying cause of disease and promote the body’s ability to heal. Nutrition, botanical medicine, natural supplements, physical medicine, and mind-body medicine are core modalities of treatment and are used for most patients. Click here for more.

Physical medicine is a combination of skeletal adjustment, targeted muscle release technique, massage, and finding and removing the conditions that lead to the musculoskeletal pains or injuries to begin with.

Patients most commonly report being able to breath better, having more energy, feeling lighter, being better able to handle the stress of daily living, and improved sleep quality. Click here for more.

The cost of a visit varies depending on whether you are being seen for naturopathic care or physical medicine.

Naturopathic care is $295 for first time patients and $220 for return patients.

Physical medicine is $200 per session but can be as low as $150 per session if packages are purchased.

Our naturopathic anti-aging program meanwhile is an upfront cost of $1300 that covers the full cost of visits and initial lab work.

Holistic Healing Naturopathic can provide you with documentation for reimbursement from your insurance company upon request. The amount insurance companies are willing to reimburse for naturopathic medicine varies depending on individual plans. Please contact your insurance company in advance regarding coverage for naturopathic visits.

To see a list of states and territories that are licensed for naturopathic physicians to be able to take insurance click here.

The anti-aging program works by taking the latest in cutting edge science and research on ways to reverse DNA damage, prevent further DNA damage, lengthen telomeres, and maintain the health of your telomeres going forward.

The program involves a mixture of lifestyle changes and activities, supplements, what to avoid, stress management if applicable, and helping to address underlying medical conditions that might be contributing to your stress and aging.

No. Although a naturopathic doctor that has graduated from an accredited institution’s education is equally rigorous, it is significantly different and we receive the letters ND after our names rather than MD. For more information on educational differences, click here.

No. Naturopathic doctors have a much broader scope and deeper level of training than homeopathic doctors. Homeopathic doctors do not receive the same training in diagnostics, lab interpretation, and clinical or basic sciences and are not trained to the level of a physician as are naturopathic doctors. Although homeopathy is part of a naturopathic doctor’s training, not all ND’s use homeopathic medicine.

The answer to this varies greatly for each person. While it is not uncommon for people to start feeling better immediately after beginning a treatment plan, this is not always the case and treatment can sometimes take weeks or in some cases several months to begin to take effect. Full, symptom-free recovery from chronic illnesses however can often take much longer and commonly takes many months.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, naturopathic doctors frequently save their patients money! How can this be?

Because treating conditions early, reversing disease, preventing the development of disease, and  especially preventing need for expensive surgery saves you money!

Going to 10 different doctors that can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong or how to help will cost you a lot more time and money than seeing a naturopathic doctor and leave you sicker for longer too!

Yes, naturopathic doctors are licensed as physicians in Washington DC!

As such we are legally able to diagnose, draw blood, order and interpret labs and imaging, and take insurance agencies we contract with. Click here for more.

Naturopathic medical training is equivalent to traditional medical school in intensity and duration. However, naturopathic education is more focused and streamlined to learning outpatient medicine–or essentially what a family doctor would need to know to be a successful physician. We however not only learn how an MD would diagnose and treat, but how to further diagnose and treat the underlying causes of disease using powerful natural medicine and in time fully reverse disease and get patients back to full health.Click here for more.

No, not at all! While we see these treatments as a last resort in most cases, pharmaceuticals and surgery most definitely have their time and place!  Frequently however, these means of treatment are not needed for naturopathic patients as we are able to get them fully healed, happy, and healthy without the need for drugs or surgery!

Yes actually, there is!
Not all 50 states and territories are licensed for naturopathic physicians and in certain states (such as Virginia) anyone can call themselves a naturopath. Often times, these individuals have very limited training and should not be calling themselves doctors as this is deceptive to the public. So if you are seeing a practitioner in Virginia or another unlicensed state, be cautious and be sure to look into their background to make sure they are in fact a fully trained naturopathic doctor from an AANMC accredited institution and have a doctorate’s degree and not a weekend certificate or even worse no training at all!