Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching with GymGuyz

As both a naturopathic doctor and ACE certified personal trainer, naturally I am highly passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. Uniquely, having a doctorate’s degree in naturopathic medicine and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition allows for recognition and treatment of potential underlying conditions that may prevent weight loss.

This includes resolving fatigue and improving energy levels so that if a person may be experiencing that is making exercise difficult or otherwise impossible and to work around potential food restrictions an individual may have. There are few individuals more equipped to aid in losing weight and maximizing fitness!

This is why I am working with GymGuyz to help people pursue their health and fitness goals on a personal level.
I am on a mission to help individuals to achieve their ideal and preferred body and help people look and feel their best with optimized targeted exercise and nutritional guidance! GymGuyz is an excellent organization that provides in-home personal training for those who may not want to deal with the stresses of daily trips to the gym, or for those who would simply love to have the convenience of exercise and the expertise of a personal trainer in their own homes.

Even if you experience hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or any other condition where diet and exercise are essential for recovery and reversal, having both experience as a physician and personal trainer, improving your health and life for the better is well within grasp.

For personal training in the DMV region, contact Robert Matyas at 703-840-3361 or via email at [email protected] for your free initial fitness consultation and first workout!