Physical Medicine

What is Physical Medicine?

Physical medicine involves using targeted pinpoint muscle tension release methods, skeletal alignment, massage therapy, and other methods of physical release to allow the body to be best positioned for health optimization and healing. Patients often report feeling “lighter” and “more free” after receiving physical medicine treatment.

Physical medicine visits commonly result in significant improvement for the following conditions

Back pain

Hypertension / high blood pressure

Joint pain (excluding arthritis)

Sciatica (shooting leg pain)

Motor vehicle accident pain/trauma recovery

Sports Injuries

Nerve Impingement (pinched nerves)

Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Carpal Tunnel


Tension Headaches

Highly encouraged for those who frequently spend large amounts of time doing high stress jobs or are in hunched positions for extended periods of time such as

Programmers and/or those in IT

Office workers


Dentists and/or Dental Asisstants


Full time students

Full time driver

In addition patients also sometimes report

Improved ability to handle high stress living

Waking feeling more rested